Gaining the Competitive Edge with the Right Professional and Innovative Projects – The Tellence Technologies Way

Tellence Technologies is a company dedicated to bringing innovative systems and programs into every collaboration. The company has been on the market since 2011, it has evolved around every obstacle and it has risen with every opportunity. This could not have been possible without having the right people on board and without offering the newest processes for their clients.


You are only as good as the team you surround yourself with. This means that a high performing company will only remain at the top if its efforts to grow are backed by getting the right people into the right positions.

What we do, at Tellence Technologies, is that we bring new technologies, new programs, and new processes to every market. This means that we are not only looking for people who know how to code, but we are looking for people who are adaptable. Experience is important, but the possibility of seeing beyond basic requirements is more important. This is a prerequisite of INNOVATION.” Lavinia Spinu, HR Manager and responsible with recruiting for the company in Romania commented.


The company environment

In the seven years we have been on the market, our efforts went into developing a work flow with a solid foundation laid down in research and development. This means putting innovation above mere execution and bringing people into an efficient team.

Organic growth for the company

Since its establishment, the company has known a steady and, most importantly, organic growth. This was only possible with a correct distribution of internal resources. Tellence Technologies has created separate divisions for Automotive, Telecommunications, Security, SatCom, Mobile applications, New media & Broadcasting & Semiconductors. The creation of the separate divisions has helped our employees train and specialize in specific fields and it has attracted people with the right skills on the team. Consistent interest in development is key.

Top human resources

Getting some of the best engineers also means keeping the best engineers. It implies putting them on challenging projects and investing in them. Romania is a great market for IT professionals and a great place to invest in programming. The foundation is already laid down. All you need is the knowledge to make things grow.


Tellence Technologies has the very well-established goal of bringing innovative projects and state of the art technology closer to clients. Therefore, we offer amazing growth opportunities for employees and impeccable delivery of finished projects for clients.

Apart from the code, we know that clients see their projects as a whole. It is of no use to come up with brilliant and beautiful code if the delivery of the project is not complete. Therefore, we do our best to offer the full package and to take care of all aspects of every task at hand. So our clients won’t have to.