Tellence Technologies Is Connecting with Businesses from Other Markets

This spring, Tellence Technologies has been a name heard in some of the most exciting IT events in the world. Company representatives have presented our services and products during events in Quatar, Kuwait, and Australia, in some of the most challenging business festivals.

Tellence in Qatar

Smart Qatar is an event intended to deliver technology and innovation for sustainable economic development in five important sectors: transport, logistics, natural resources, healthcare, and sports. During this event, the Qatar Digital Cluster was set up to raise funds necessary for bringing innovation to the aforementioned sectors. Also, in order to ensure the success of these projects of public interest, the decision makers at the top of the Government assure their full support and involvement.

During this event, Tellence representatives attended seminars and made business connections with delegates from the Qatar Transportation and Communications Ministry and from the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Apart from learning about the priorities for the people of Qatar, discussions with other participants revealed just how much IT innovation can help improve the lives of these communities in all aspects, from healthcare, to food, transportation, businesses, and sports. It gave us a sense of how important our work is for so many people.

Tellence in Kuwait

The focus of the Kuwait event was on strong technology intended for governance and risk management for businesses in order to reduce costs and improve decision making processes. The purpose of the event was to analyze the impact of businesses and to reduce overall risks.

During this business festival, Tellence attended the seminars and met with delegates from the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, from the Central Agency for Information Technology, and from the Ministry of Public Works.

With this participation, we made good use of the know-how we have accumulated over the years and we showed how it could be put to good use for businesses in a particular context.

Tellence in Australia

The Australian CeBIT is an event designed to bring the grandeur of the Hanover event to the Pacific region and to connect some of the countries in the area with great innovation and software. Tellence was part of the Romanian delegation and has established important connections with potential clients from that part of the world. The purpose of our participation was that of better understanding the regional market and to see whether we can meet these needs with anything in our portfolio or how we can improve it to do so.

We wanted to create a bridge to connect with people whose needs in IT and software development are different. Not to mention the fact that the vicinity to India makes it even more challenging for any company to break through.

During this event we presented our IT services and the Tellence NMS, a network management platform. This last item sparked a lot of interest as it is a system designed to allow Service Providers to keep their infrastructure and virtual networks in check while reducing maintenance costs. The platform works on networks of any size, it is quick to implement and easy to use.