Tellence was among the sponsors of the 2018 Communications Conference

The Tellence company name is not a stranger to big communication events taking place all over the world. Therefore, it was clear as day that we would rush to back an international conference organized in Romania. We are talking about the 12th edition of the International Conference on Communications, an event that gathers all major players on the market to discuss the current situation of the industry and its proper course. Tellence joined other companies with a great stake in the future of communications.

The 12th International Conference on Communications

The event which took place this June was organized by the Polytechnics University of Bucharest and the Ferdinand I Military Technical Academy. The two institutions are known for producing some of the finest communications professionals for the Romanian and international markets. Be it communication technology, radio communications or computer intelligence, technics or programming, it is easy to understand why such institutions would like to keep ahead in the game and know how to update and improve their curricula.

The companies willing to back up this process are interested in securing some of these well-trained professionals for their own work force for future years. This is how an industry is built and developed. And it all starts with specialized talks.

Conference Topics

Among the discussion highlights during the June 14th – 16th conference, we mention some of the topics we found to be most intriguing:

  1. Communication Theory
  2. Computational Intelligence
  3. Communication Networks and Systems
  4. Radio Communication Technologies
  5. Wireless Communications
  6. Satellite and Space Communications
  7. Multimedia Communications
  8. Internet Technologies
  9. Communication Security
  10. Network Operations and Management
  11. Communication Strategies and Development
  12. Electronic Systems Design

We believe that only by having a great understanding of the industry, can we aspire to think ahead and meet some of the future challenges in advance. And for this, such events are vital. Testament to this is the large number of sponsors, all willing to make the conference happen. Because it is a must!

The Tellence Take on Communications

With so much of the present day technological advances being directed toward the communications sphere, Tellence is bound to have its own take on the matter. For starters, according to Leo Radu, Managing Partner with Tellence Technologies, today’s consumers think in terms of both products and services. This means that any company must double its efforts to produce something viable for the market, as well as to provide the services for maintenance and support.

What is more, we believe in having a serious contribution to the development of the industry by backing events that bring professionals together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of each market. This, in turn, leads to partnering with research institutions that have made a name for themselves through their work. Such an example would be the CTTC for ESA application.

As far as an expected market evolution goes, Leo Radu stated that it is important to constantly keep an eye on communications as they are critical for growth, innovation and disruption across multiple industries. Nothing gets done, nor evolves, without it.



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