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We translate and reproduce an article from Asia Today regarding to the IT&C visit to Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator.



Romania ICT company delegation visits Gyeonggido Economic Science Promotion Agency

News | Article approval 2018 December 6th, 15:16

Ten ICT company delegations from Romania visited Gyeonggi Provincial Economic Science Promotion Agency

Discussion on the current situation of ICT industry in both countries, and ways to promote investment cooperation

Romanian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) business delegations took a commemorative photo of visiting the Gyeonggi Provincial Economic Science Promotion Agency.

Romania’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) business delegation visited Gyeonggi Provincial Economic and Science Promotion Agency and discussed business cooperation with Gyeonggi Province in the future.

Gyeonggi Provincial Science and Technology Agency (KISA) said at the request of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea (ROK) that the representatives of the ICT Mission in Romania in the morning had a meeting with the representatives of the ICT industry,

This mission, consisting of 10 small and medium-sized companies belonging to Romania’s Information Technology and Telecommunications Association (ATIC), benchmarked the status of the advanced ICT industry in Gyeonggi-do and the SME export support policy, It was promoted as a place of opportunity for building.

An official from Kyunggwang said, “The interest of Romanian businesspeople in Gyeonggi Province’s excellent enterprise support policy and industrial ecosystem was very high.” With this opportunity, we plan to establish a basis for exchanges between companies in the capital and Romania. ”

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